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Full Legs + Bikini Line ( Incl. Feet and Toes) - Women - Laser Hair Removal

$3,360 $4,200
Sessions and Packages:

Full legs, bikini line, feet, and toes laser hair removal for women is a dependable choice for reducing and eliminating those pesky, unwanted hairs in legs, bikini line area along with feet and toes and tackling issues like ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and folliculitis. It delivers long-term and permanent results you can count on! 

✓ Safe and effective for men and women of ALL SKIN TYPES
✓Our Toronto clinic has earned 500+ five-star reviews from delighted customers; results, safety, and satisfaction are our top priorities!

✓ We use Candela GentleMax Pro technology which is the gold-standard for laser hair removal globally. It is medical-grade laser device with Health Canada and FDA approval (it is dual wavelength laser technology with Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers making it safe and effective for any skin type and colour)

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Q: Does the treatments expire?

A: Your purchased treatments never expire - we add them to your account and use whenever you need!

Q: Why purchase a laser hair removal package?

A: You'll save significantly with packages, rather than paying per session at every visit. Moreover, our treatments never expire and guarantee you'll get the best value for your cost. Plus, you can relax knowing your price is locked in, so you won't be affected by any cost increases. Lastly, we've noticed our clients who purchase a package are more dedicated to their treatments, leading to more impressive outcomes.


Q: Why should I purchase from Viola Laser and Skin Care Clinic?

A: With 500+ five-star reviews, there's no doubt that Viola Laser and Skin Care Clinic is a top-rated provider in the GTA! Click here to hear what clients are saying about the amazing results they've achieved with laser hair removal treatments.
With advanced Candela GentleMax Pro technology, you can be sure you're receiving the best care out there. Clients are experiencing considerable hair reduction after just a few sessions; you can trust the personalized, effective treatments at Viola. Let our staff give you the results you deserve.


Q: Is it possible to give the gift of smooth skin to a loved one, friends or family members?

A: Absolutely! We make it easy to purchase treatments for friends and family. We'll be in touch once the order is complete for all the details.

Q: How can I get my treatments started?

A: Give us a call at (647) 847-1114 or drop us an email at and our team will be more than glad to book you for your treatment or consultation.


A consultation is necessary to ensure you're medically suitable for this amazing treatment.

Purchases are non-refundable; however, credits can be redeemed towards other treatments or products for your pampering pleasure!

Learn more about the treatment : Click here

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