Theradome LH80 Pro [Laser Hair Growth Helmet]

$1,299 $1,400

Laser hair growth treatment, (also known as Laser Phototherapy– LPT), the most powerful and effective treatment for hair loss, is exploding on the market with the introduction of Theradome. With its world-class advanced laser hair growth technology, the Health Canada approved Theradome LH80 PRO is recommended by 4 out of 5 hair loss experts.

About the Product

What it is: A laser hair growth treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. 
Skin Types: All Skin Types

Skin Concern: Hair Loss, Thinning Hair
Benefits and Features: 
- Multiple clinical trials prove that the Theradome helmet is one of the safest and most effective hair loss treatments available.

For convenient, at home use – does not require prescription!

Brand: Theraome

How to Use

Please refer to the instructions provided in the box


Q: Is this suitable for men and women?

A: Yes 

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